Saturday 7 January 2012

Très Chic Sportswear

The Olympic's spirit is in the air, with only months away from the highly anticipated inauguration, we cannot seem to escape this wave of commotion. Are you ready to get in the sporty mood? I sincerely hope so, 'cause you have an amazing selection of designer's best to choose from. It's all about the chicness of the Sportswear this season.

I know some of you are still a little bit reluctant towards Sportswear, maybe you have consider it to be to deconstructed for your body shape or to casual for your every day commitments; well this season designers like Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Vera Wang show us their skill on making amazing sporty clothes. It resumes on clean feminine lines that follow the body's shape easily, the key words to keep in mind when shopping will be: Breezy, flowy, freely. Allow your body to feel free!

So which are the must haves of the season? Try Versus's beautiful mini dress or Vera Wang's sporty peplum. Another key item is the track pant, Balenciaga rocks this one, as well as Felipe Oliveira Baptista; track pants are very versatile, you can easily wear them during the day and transition onto night. Keep your eyes open for details when shopping, search for zippers on unexpected places, prints and mesh applications.

Now about the colours, you could play with layers to built up an harmonious palette, play on the monochromatic symphony or go with bright full colour. Some of my favourites for this season on bright colour are Vera Wang, Kenzo and Felipe Oliveira Baptista; get lost in the blues, yellows and oranges that season offers you.

If you are short on your budget but still want to rock on this trend, I highly recommend you to run to get your pair of Isabel Marant's gorgeous trainers!!! Aldo also presents us an amazing option (more affordable and inspired by Marant's). You can't go wrong with them, wear them with dresses, shorts and pants to embrace this trend at it's fully.

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