Tuesday 17 January 2012


I decided to take a couple of days off my blogging duties to check out Top Drawer, since it was my first time attending, it all resulted in a very pleasant surprise. I learned a lot of amazing things, met some really cool people who are producing beautiful things and attended really useful seminaries. It was a great experience!

As a response of my Top Drawer experience, I have many cool and interesting things to share with you; of course I must deliver in a series of posts, so be aware of what's going on at Black Sheep Fashion (this is the part where you click follow).

Let's now begin, one of the most interest things I heard at Top Drawer, were the trend predictions for Fall/Winter 2012-2013; so many events have marked their way into that space of your brain reserved for memories and impressions, therefore it is only natural for the industry to re-present them to you, in a way that only designers and artists can.

I would like to make special emphasis on a trend called Monotype, inspired by typography. Values the power of words and numbers; it is focused on graphics, oversized letters and bold phrases. The colour reference is monochromatic palette, with oxide effects as accents.

If you are wondering what is the source of such a trend, think about all the hours you have invested reading the newspapers. We have all turned to written press to inform ourselves about the latest news; searching for popular topics as the recession, the latest outcome of the euro crisis, the conflicts in the middle east or simply to read about entertainment and more light news.

Words are powerful, they transmit messages and create statements, once they are putted onto paper they can be preserved for ages. How does it translate into fashion? Here's a hint, hope you enjoy it!


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