Friday 27 January 2012

Tisci's Identity


All designer's will agree that their main goal is to have an identity, that identity will be like the blueprint of the designer; it will remain thru the years and become a legend. Ricardo Tisci's vision for Givenchy's 2012 Haute Couture Collection, has definitely reflect and reinforce his Identity as a designer.


I must say that this has been one of my favourite collections ever! It has truly blown me away. Tisci's inspiration for this amazing collections were two things: the movie Metropolis, by Fritz Lang 1927, and the music from the russian movie Aelita: Queen of Mars 1924. The silhouette truly resembles the 1920's flowy gown, that Paul Poiret fought for so passionately; also complementing the fluidity of the gowns, are structured cropped jackets that end on a V from in the back.


The bare back is gaining more fans every day, the collection presents beautiful elaborated details on the collars and straps. We see again the use of sheer delicate fabrics, another must have of the season. A game of proportions and contrasts is present thru out the whole collection. Materials are mixed in an harmonious way, crocodile skins and silks work perfectly together. The accessories really bring out the shock factor in the show, those huge nose rings are amazing! As well as the necklaces, very organic pieces; remind me of Alphonse Mucha's work. 


I am really looking forward for Tisci's up coming work, he has gained my full admiration. I could almost say he has become my favourite designer at this moment.

Marimekko + Converse Part II


Creative, colourful and legendary are words that can easily be associated with both brands, good news to all, they have joined forces once again to create a sequel to last's year Fall collection. The have focused on the reviving of the Converse' classics, with the flavour that only Marimekko can give with it's unique prints; you'll be able to buy reinvented classic looks from 1964 to 1968. 

Since the vintage trend is on and rolling (refer to my previous post 50's nostalgia for more info) it couldn't be a happening in a better time. We all know, owned and loved our own pair of Converse; so reinforce that bond with a new pair this spring.


For those of you who are not quite familiar with Marimekko, here are some facts about their history: They are Finnish company, who is dedicated to create amazing prints for textiles for both home and fashion. They started in 1951 and grew larger by the 60's. I encourage you to go into their website to satisfy your curiosity


So Marimekko and Converse not only share years of experience in the market but also their love for colour and classics, they have been doing it for generations now. It is all about the legacy!
The 2012 collection will be hitting stores on February.

(All images are for illustrative purposes only, they belong to the 2011 Fall collection)

Tuesday 24 January 2012

R. Rosner's Sheer Spell

Rodrigo Rosner is one on my favorite exponents at São Paulo Fashion Week 2012, and this season he fulfilled my expectations. His winter 2012 Ready-to-wear collection was inspired by butterflies and moths, delicate creatures with sheer wings full of tiny details and tints of colour to make your imagination fly. There is no wonder that the wings were of this precious insects were the main aspect of exploration for Rosner; his collection includes fabrics like organza, chiffon, taffetas. Details where highlighted with embroidered sequins and tiny crystals, as well as an exquisit work of embroided gold lace applications.


The mood of the collection remind us of a gothic princess, if she lived in a victorian garden surrounded by delicate butterflies. The accessories that complemented the collection reinforce that feeling of nostalgia and dark romance, stylers Flavia Pommianosky e Davi Ramos are responsible for this beautiful work. The burgundy lips and fair complexion added the final touch to this gothic like look.


Although the colour palette of the collection mainly contains black and nudes, it is accentuated with purple, indigo, gold and yellow. The mixture of textures is key to the collection, the designer combined the smoothness of the organza with rich lace. The collection takes us thru a silhouette journey, staring with flowy gown  that transform into a more structured shape; maintaining the waist of the main focal point.

A strong McQueen influence is definitely traceable is Rosner's work, however he still remains true to his line of design.

Editorials- 50's Trend

50's Trend- L'Officiel Paris "Spring Siesta" January 2012
Model: Luisa Bianchin
Photographer: Alexander Neumann 
Wardrobe: Viktor & Rolf, Doce & Gabbana, Blumarine, Marc Jacobs
Stylist: Vanessa Bellugeon
Make up Artist: Sergio Corvacho
Hair Stylist: Enrico Mariott 

Editorials- White trend

Once the runway season is over, stylist and photographers begin to work on their inspirational editorial. 

White trend- W Magazine "Best in Class" January 2012
Models: Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne, Nyasha Matonhodze.
Photographer: Emma Summerton
Wardrobe: Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga
Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful
Make up Artist: Amanda Joyce (Streeters)
Hair Stylist: Odile Gilbert  

Monday 23 January 2012

The shocking factor


Freedom of expression is truly a bliss, specially when you get to appreciate others points of view. New York based designer Thom Browne has certainly made a statement, to shock the audience. He presented his latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 at Paris Fashion Week.


Try to picture Herman Monster and a typical punk rocker breeding a baby, that baby would be raised in Shane Acker's post apocalyptic Nine scenario. How is that for a shocking factor? Anyway, Browne's clothes have an interesting and elaborated deconstructed tailoring work, as well  the usage of traditional fabrics. The exciting twist relies on the application of studs and spikes to outline the body's contour and the un-proportioned shirts and vest. 


To all avant-garde lovers!!!

Men's Only Fall 2012-2013

I have taken my time to present to all the gents out there stylish options to suit up or to sport more of a casual look. Even if you don't wear a suit on a daily basis, you still have informal options to choose from, whatever your need is make sure you rock the look. 

Designers have created cool suits for the next fall, from grey and green palettes to colorful pieces; despite  the style of each designer,  they all converge on one key aspect to their collections: the fit. There is definitely an option for every taste. If designer clothing is not an option for you, don't worry, consider this post as an inspiration for your up coming fall shopping. Enjoy!



Alexander McQueen




Arts and crafts revival


Humanity and society move in a very particular way, in a cyclic way. Many experts in social sciences can assure so, in fact it is kind of a fascinating topic amongst them, how we tend to follow a pattern that once laid before us, and that most of the time people aren't aware of so. Even Isaac Asimov's futuristic societies (an amazing writer by the way), tend to follow patterns of "ancient earth's civilisations" in planets lights years away.

The way this is measured and analysed, is thru reactions and actions to certain events. How society responds to a crisis or a trascendental event, is key to the work of the investigator to develop his/her theory. My 'theory' today relies on the revival of one specific movement that today has become a trend, the craft-making, interpret it as a technique or as a mood; it would take you to the same place either way.

Back in the day, I'm reffering to the period between 1860 and 1910, writer Morris and arquitect Voysey started a revolution called the Arts and Crafts Movement; their movement was a response to the Industrial Revolution, their goal was to establish an anti-industrial, anti mass production movement. The idea was to rescue the traditional way on how things where produced, using simple techniques but mainly maintaing the fact that someone was behind that making, not a machine or operator of a factory. The idea is quite romantic, it stand against the system and a delicate yet strong way. 


As I mentioned in the beginning, we tend to moves in circles; our response to a particular crisis has opened the door to many craft makers, all around the globe people are concentrating in creating beautiful things. In a modest production volume, they concentrate in the technique, the time and the love behind each product they create. One mayor thing helping this crafty movement is technology, the web has open the possibility of buying this products, wherever you are in the planet. 

Take some time to check out, you won't be disappointed. Go to your local markets and fairs, great options are always shown and at very reasonable prices. Support your local movement and wear your findings with proud, since they were made with time, dedication and love!

Saturday 21 January 2012

Metallic Euphoria

I know holiday season is over, but don't you feel like you could still be celebrating? In case you do, get in the spirit of old the good old classic glamour, sequence in is and for good! check out this great selection so you won't be left out of this season trends. 

Metallic Euphoria

D G lace cocktail dress
£980 -

Blaque Label mini dress
£90 -

Azzaro chain shirt

Ambre Babzoe sequin tank top
$199 -

Arden Colors Low Loop Rugs
$2,599 -

Clover Canyon

Beautiful dipped hem printed jersey top by Clover Canyon, LA based brand. Perfect for spring!
Where to buy?

Tuesday 17 January 2012


I decided to take a couple of days off my blogging duties to check out Top Drawer, since it was my first time attending, it all resulted in a very pleasant surprise. I learned a lot of amazing things, met some really cool people who are producing beautiful things and attended really useful seminaries. It was a great experience!

As a response of my Top Drawer experience, I have many cool and interesting things to share with you; of course I must deliver in a series of posts, so be aware of what's going on at Black Sheep Fashion (this is the part where you click follow).

Let's now begin, one of the most interest things I heard at Top Drawer, were the trend predictions for Fall/Winter 2012-2013; so many events have marked their way into that space of your brain reserved for memories and impressions, therefore it is only natural for the industry to re-present them to you, in a way that only designers and artists can.

I would like to make special emphasis on a trend called Monotype, inspired by typography. Values the power of words and numbers; it is focused on graphics, oversized letters and bold phrases. The colour reference is monochromatic palette, with oxide effects as accents.

If you are wondering what is the source of such a trend, think about all the hours you have invested reading the newspapers. We have all turned to written press to inform ourselves about the latest news; searching for popular topics as the recession, the latest outcome of the euro crisis, the conflicts in the middle east or simply to read about entertainment and more light news.

Words are powerful, they transmit messages and create statements, once they are putted onto paper they can be preserved for ages. How does it translate into fashion? Here's a hint, hope you enjoy it!


Matix printed t shirt
$26 -

Jane Norman print shirt
£16 -

Obesity and Speed lightweight shirt
$66 -

H M print shirt
£7.99 -

Friday 13 January 2012

Empower yourself in white

There comes a time in everyone's life, where there's a necessity to reset and restart. And this Spring designers are beting on white; this color is usually associated with concepts like clean, pure and calm. The perfect way to achieve your new year resolutions, refresh your look with this cool and edgy trend.

I hope you are not thinking of white as a boring choice, because designers have really put their creative side on hard labour sessions for this amazing pieces. They have channel white into the fierce direction of a futuristic amazon; think about fluid fabrics, layers and drapes to give you structure. But mainly focus on the textures of the fabrics, key point of the trend; Andrew Gn gives us a great example.

My favorite exponent of the trend would have to be David Koma, his Sci-fi tribal prints and fluid silhouette have really captivated me. Check out Louis Vuitton for a softer and sweeter version of this trend. Hakaam is also moving towards that direction, she presented a similar work on the prints. the most amazing thing about this prints is the 3-D effect they create on the clothes.

How amazingly cool is that, specially now that everything seems to be done in 3-D. I absolutely love that idea of white clothes with white 3-D prints that break the molde on the ordinary. Speaking of out of the ordinary, Gareth Pugh also jumped into the white train; he managed to take the 3-D effect to a whole new level. A new generation of clothing is now in the market, and it is very exciting!

As for the silhouette of the trend, we can resume it into tailored minimal lines, it almost has a clinical feel that makes us think about authority (remember it is supposed to be fierce). The peplum figurates as a must have item, once again; draped and fitted around the waist. Dresses are also key for the season and they can compliment practically any body figure, when chosen properly of course. So prepare yourself to embrace white for Spring with a futuristic feeling.