Monday 23 January 2012

Arts and crafts revival


Humanity and society move in a very particular way, in a cyclic way. Many experts in social sciences can assure so, in fact it is kind of a fascinating topic amongst them, how we tend to follow a pattern that once laid before us, and that most of the time people aren't aware of so. Even Isaac Asimov's futuristic societies (an amazing writer by the way), tend to follow patterns of "ancient earth's civilisations" in planets lights years away.

The way this is measured and analysed, is thru reactions and actions to certain events. How society responds to a crisis or a trascendental event, is key to the work of the investigator to develop his/her theory. My 'theory' today relies on the revival of one specific movement that today has become a trend, the craft-making, interpret it as a technique or as a mood; it would take you to the same place either way.

Back in the day, I'm reffering to the period between 1860 and 1910, writer Morris and arquitect Voysey started a revolution called the Arts and Crafts Movement; their movement was a response to the Industrial Revolution, their goal was to establish an anti-industrial, anti mass production movement. The idea was to rescue the traditional way on how things where produced, using simple techniques but mainly maintaing the fact that someone was behind that making, not a machine or operator of a factory. The idea is quite romantic, it stand against the system and a delicate yet strong way. 


As I mentioned in the beginning, we tend to moves in circles; our response to a particular crisis has opened the door to many craft makers, all around the globe people are concentrating in creating beautiful things. In a modest production volume, they concentrate in the technique, the time and the love behind each product they create. One mayor thing helping this crafty movement is technology, the web has open the possibility of buying this products, wherever you are in the planet. 

Take some time to check out, you won't be disappointed. Go to your local markets and fairs, great options are always shown and at very reasonable prices. Support your local movement and wear your findings with proud, since they were made with time, dedication and love!

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