Tuesday 10 January 2012

Sources of limitless inspiration

According to physics every action causes a reaction; the reaction will become an opinion, the opinion will give you the platform to express your thoughts. Having set the newtonian principle as the base of my argument; I would now go straight to the core of my post: sources of inspiration for artists, more specifically for fashion designers. My research led me to realize the huge impact that world events have over society; wars, rebellions, riots or nature's work. We are all very exposed to information nowadays, fashion designer are no exception, they are soaking in all that information as inspiration, that will lead them to express their opinions (reactions) on the matter.
Once a relevant event come out into the public eye, it gains exposure. By graphic exposure thru media coverage, people begins to get familiarised with concepts, forms, colours, textures and patterns; amongst many other relevant details of the incident. I believe that at some point, after being exposed to the topic for some time, people will naturally start to associate patterns, colours and shapes to a certain topic; just like photographic memory works. So the designer's challenge begins here, on how they will create an amazing item that syntheses the essence of the source of inspiration, assure the designer profit and effectiveness on the market. The action has a reaction.
The designer has the opportunity to express his/hers opinion thru creation, based on the inspiration of an incident. I think the perfect example to illustrate my point is Dior's most recent release. The 2012 Spring/Summer collection reflects how world events are a perfect source of inspiration for a designer, and how to make the product a sellable item. The accessories are amazing, camouflage prints in neon colours; think about all of the camouflage you have seen on your usual news channel for the past year and bingo! now you get my point. Of course we can interpret this in many different ways, but I intend to concentrate on the inspirational side of these events and their translation onto successful business.
So in the end the details you recall in your memory, let's say ''induced'' photographic memory, will be present when you shop. How clever is that? So the next time you feel drawn to a specific print, colour or texture, you might want to take a few minutes to find the real source behind your "shopping memory".

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