Friday 27 January 2012

Marimekko + Converse Part II


Creative, colourful and legendary are words that can easily be associated with both brands, good news to all, they have joined forces once again to create a sequel to last's year Fall collection. The have focused on the reviving of the Converse' classics, with the flavour that only Marimekko can give with it's unique prints; you'll be able to buy reinvented classic looks from 1964 to 1968. 

Since the vintage trend is on and rolling (refer to my previous post 50's nostalgia for more info) it couldn't be a happening in a better time. We all know, owned and loved our own pair of Converse; so reinforce that bond with a new pair this spring.


For those of you who are not quite familiar with Marimekko, here are some facts about their history: They are Finnish company, who is dedicated to create amazing prints for textiles for both home and fashion. They started in 1951 and grew larger by the 60's. I encourage you to go into their website to satisfy your curiosity


So Marimekko and Converse not only share years of experience in the market but also their love for colour and classics, they have been doing it for generations now. It is all about the legacy!
The 2012 collection will be hitting stores on February.

(All images are for illustrative purposes only, they belong to the 2011 Fall collection)

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