Monday 9 January 2012

Neptune's Muse

Spring is the time of blossom ; what was once asleep wakes once again with the energy from within and shows all of it's greatness. On this Spring follow nature's lead and release your inner greatness with this fabulous trend inspired in the aquatic theme, let your inner siren out.

Let me begin by pointing out that it is all about reflecting your inner strength for this Spring, although some of the looks may seem a bit innocent and sweet, they are meant channel your inner siren. A slick silhouette is what you'll be looking for, to elongate to figure. Check out Carolina Herrera, Dior, Lanvin and Alexander McQueen for amazing slick gowns. You'll notice that the colour palette is a little washed out, as if sea water had washed away some of the colour pigments from your clothes.

Pay huge attention to details as lace applications, metallic textures over silk and embroider crystals or pearls, so very indulging! The main idea is to create a game of contrasts between the sheerness of the clothes, the layers and accessories you are wearing. Speaking of accessories, you may want to invest in a couple of chunky bangles; a smooth metallic cuff would be my first choice or go for a textured filigrane like, also very trendy. Balmain and Pamela Love's are beautiful choices.

And what can I say about the bags, if not that they are dreamy! Sea shells are turned in to purses this season, embroider with pearls like Chanel's or with a shinny silky finish like Lanvin's Minaudière satin shell clutch. To complete your look, wear one of the gorgeous YSL's hair accessories and Pamela Love's talon ring, worth of a siren goddess.

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