Thursday 12 January 2012

Fantastic Editorials

I would love to share with you this beautiful editorial, one of my absolute favorites, although is an oldie is a real piece of art. This editorial was made for Vogue China, on the January edition back in 2007; the model Vlada Roslyakova looks exquisite in this renaissance inspired look, shot by photographer Pierliugui Maco.

The most amazing thing about this editorial to me, is the resemblance to Leonardo Da Vinci's work as a painter during the renaissance. It specifically reminds me of John the Baptist on the colour palette and usage of light. Leonardo finished this piece around 1516 and now it is part of the amazing collection of the Louvre Museum.

I find the influence of art into fashion fascinating, as designers we get to learn so much from art; we have the possibility to recreate a specific period of history, the aesthetics, the garments, the lifestyle, the sources of inspiration. I strongly believe that designers should have a good repertoire of references, specifically when you are trying to built up an argument or a concept. So a designer should know at least a bit about art and history, think about Vivienne Westwood.

So take the time to go ti an art gallery, to read books and to do research; get familiarised with your favourite artists, learn about their technique (what made them famous). You might be surprised about your findings, they might inspire you to create fantastic things.

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