Tuesday 25 September 2012

Andrew Logan At the Fashion and Textile Museum

I love to think that imagination has no boundaries, the mind is free to create and transform the ordinary life into wonderland. Although the land of the dreams seems infinite and unlimited, it takes real talent to materialize the intangible; the point where imagination meets matter, a tough line to cross. Andrew Logan represents, in my opinion,  that skilful mind that overcomes the body, sculpting away his ideas. His philosophy as an artist is "art can be discovered anywhere", transforming everyday objects into works of art. He follows his own book of rules, never surrendering to the boundaries that might de-accelerate his creative force. 

There is lot to be said about his prolific career, so the Fashion and Textile Museum decided to celebrate a night in his honour. Last Thursday, I joined the artist at the Museum as he took us on journey throughout his life and achievements. You could tell when some of the images displayed touched a soft spot, revealing a sensible sociable man, he took the time to explain each and every story behind his pieces. There were amazing facts and experiences that needed to be told and heard, so that the ones who don't know Andrew Logan closely could understand his context better. 

I admire the power of abstraction in his work; the metaphors on life, as a source of endless inspiration, how he portrays the construction of a whole from bits and pieces. Logan's work is a combination of friends, family, experiences, bits and pieces, even rubbish; but the end result while blow your mind. I found myself admiring his curious vision of technology and it's application onto sculpture; how sound and lighting complement a piece, brings it alive. Movement is truly appreciated by the artist, so he explored it many times.

Collaborations seems to delight him, an interchange of thoughts and sentiments that give birth to new creation. Some of the most memorable were with designer Zandra Rhodes, Ungaro, a collection for The British Museum; even a famous runway walk for Comme des Garçon. His sculptures are all round the world, in galleries, hospitals, terraces, even out in the open; some lucky fellows can afford his pieces, part of their private art collection. 
When I asked him about his philosophy as an artist, and the duality in some of his work (life and death), Logan replied that his work is to celebrate life, celebrate being here at this moment. The epiphany came to him the day he realised what he could do with practically nothing, I cannot seem to get that idea out of my head since then. I feel inspired, by his example and by his approachability; and I asked myself what do I need to create? 

Images courtesy of Andrew Logan 

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