Friday 6 January 2012

50's Nostalgia

Usually when life turns out a little though on us, we tend to go to our secret little space to release pressure, it might be a comforting memory or a tele transportation to a specific time that we consider as a golden age. No wonder designers turned their thoughts and inspirations for this next spring towards that direction, where and when specifically? USA in the 1950's , where the concept of a "dreamy perfect life" was pretty much the mantra of every household. For this up coming spring indulge yourself into this stylish journey, as you adapt your closet from the chilly winter for the breezy and colorful spring.

As I reviewed the collections for S/S 2012, I fell in love with the 50's trend that some of my favorite designers are pushing thru for the season. Think of a Vargas girl caught up into an Andy Warhol full color painting to get into the mood of this trend; the prints and textures in the clothes are just exquisit, very organic and rich. Check out Prada and Proenza Schouler's collections to get the full grasp on textures and prints fully tuned with the trend.

Let's not forget the silhouette for the season, one the mayor points to hit when doing this trend; full hour glass figure, very feminine, accentuating the waist as the main focal point. One of the key pieces for the season is the pencil skirt, which have been around for some time now; style it with a sexy midriff and a cropped jacket for the classic 50's look. Or donne on a slip-on dress, this easy to wear item has been reinterpret by designer this spring and is really pushing to be a must have versatile piece of your wardrobe, check out Prada's cute little dresses.

And for the cherry on top, let your inner artist flow and go for a really artistic pair of heels, my first choice would be the amazing Prada heels; inspired on the beautiful cadillac, a trademark of the 50's of course. Alexander Mcqueen's orange pep toe heels are also an amazing choice. If you are a wedges fan you might want to check out Aserlai and Casadei's gorgeous creations. In the bags department look for retro graphics, big hit for the season, they are not only fun but will also complete your look in a free flirty way. Your bag should have a suitcase structure to it or at least a sense of structure.

So what are you waiting for? Get in the 50's mood and put on your cat's-eye "pink ladies" sunglasses and have a ball this spring!!!

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