Sunday 12 February 2012

Prabal Gurung

To fashion designer Prabal Gurung this season's inspiration had to do with the concept of an inner journey, the very epic dispute between our inner dark and light side; the representation of hell and heaven's clash was materialised by Gurung on the runway.

Once again we witnessed Prabal Gurung unique tailoring skills, displayed in an amazing collection of 42 gorgeous ensembles. The cut favours a sleek and sexy silhouette; the collection showed a wide range of dresses and very characteristic 70's flare trousers. The journey the show offered began with the darkest simplest pieces, evolving in lighter forms to achieve to the complexity of the final gowns. From hell to heaven and all the stages of evolution in between.


The choice of fabrics was exquisit, the usage of neoprene was quite interesting. However organza managed to dominated the runway. Ruffles, embroidery and feathers adorned the pieces, for an ultra feminine touch. I really like the proportions suggested by Gurung on shiny vs matte textures, it really brought out a the accents of the collection.


The metallic and iridescence finishes to some of the fabrics gave a futuristic vibe to the collection, as the collection grew lighter in colour those details developed much more. I wasn't a big fan of one of the looks, it consisted on a top and trousers of the same fabric and print; too Jesus Christ super star for me. However I did love the Kaleidoscopic treatment of the prints, absolutely loved the prints!


As a trend the sheer effect should be a must in your list by now, we could except to see Gurung Prabal work his magic on it; the final result were amazing sexy gowns. The embroided mesh applications really push the luxury effect to the max; I thought that portion of the show presented the vulnerability of the human before ascending into heaven, I wonder if the designer tried to perpetuate the exposure of the soul with his vision, as an allegory of confession. 


The colour palette had to do a lot with the concept of the journey, blacks and blues paraded first on the runway transforming into whites and goldens. An overall beautiful work with the fabrics, the cut and the silhouette, very distinctive of Prabal Gurung's work.

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