Tuesday 21 February 2012

Koma Love

The amazing Fall collection happens in a context where Louis Icart and Giovanni Boldini’s work  move into the future, merging successfully romantic 20's minimalism with futuristic lines is David Koma's strength. His work is one of favorites, I believe he is making a strong statement on the future silhouette.

The show opened with Koma's version of the little black dress, with delicate sheer sleeves. The dresses where sober on the silhouette but had a modern twist,  cut outs on the shoulders and sides refreshed the runway. The usage of drapes to bring structure to the garment was very interesting, the peplum received a deconstruction work. The high collars framed the face beautifully.

I would strongly recommend to buy yourself a pair of bicolor pants or tights, they seem to be very trendy nowadays. Koma presented his take on the trend, applying also small colour patches in squared or rectangular shapes. Which brings me to the next topic, the prints: geometric shapes, is all you need to know when buying.


Shop for blue, black, white in lustrous textures, adorned with metallic embellishments. The shoes were to die for!!!! 

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