Friday 24 February 2012

It is a Woman's world

Alberta Ferretti can only be associated with glamour, class and attitude should be the best accessories for you to wear. In this ever changing world, some may think that there is no place for the romantic souls; however Ferretti is determined to prepare her ideal woman into the future, creating for her the perfect garments for every occasion. Even thought clothes alone won't transform you into an instant super heroin, it will sure boost your confident and help you project the super woman you are.

The collection's strong point was the use of transparency, sheer flowy fabrics floated down the runway. The silhouette had Alberta Ferretti written all over it, most adequate to many different body types. The key being her work, in my opinion, relies on the inspiration: Art Nouveau. Of course these lines are brought into the future, synthesising to become lean yet still very organic. The textures were explored to adhere volume, the versatility of the pencil skirt was much more obvious.

I absolutely loved the dresses, there was an amazing selection of little black dresses; a must have in every lady's wardrobe. The final dresses have huge potential to be seen in the award ceremonies, who would you picture wearing wearing part of this collection? 

The concept of protection and vulnerability has been bounded to the woman in many contexts, the way she has been portrayed thru out history as the weaker vessel; it is almost as if it was a condition of the genre. I am sure we all girls have thoughts on the matter, so express your thoughts and open to the world or rest yourself in layers of indulgence when you need it the most. 

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