Saturday 11 February 2012

Enchanted by Wu

We just cannot seem to get enough Jason Wu, to satisfy all you Wu lovers out there here is my scoop on the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection. Inspired by China's beautiful heritage, Wu presented a beautiful collection full of rich and lush ensembles down the runway. He claims to be exploring his heritage on a trip he took to his native Taiwan along with his father.


His motivation and inspiration may be from personal experience, but also if we go thru the facts China was been seducing us over the centuries with an exotic and unique taste. The influence is latent, fashion's big names started to open boutiques in China; Shanghai's Fashion Week gained worldwide press coverage and subsequently our attention. The expansion of markets was on motion, occidental fashion traveled east to paid tribute to the sacred tradition of commerce interchange (millenary action by the way).


Shortly after that we all felt engaged to celebrate the chinese new year, the year of the Water Dragon; I guess we all embraced the symbolism behind the Water Dragon figure and it's positiveness. So for Jason Wu, there couldn't be a better time to hook us up with his collection. He included the traditional chinese prints on some of his pieces, which creates a luscious effects over velvet and silk.

The collection presents an interesting work of panels, mostly locate on the sides to play with the silhouette of the gown. The traditional Qi Pao, is presented with a modern twist adorned with fur and lace. The chinese robe/jacket is one key element of the collection, paired with both trousers and dresses it is a must have item for the season; the military Mao inspired jacket manges to be part of the collection as well.


The colour palette was kept simple; gray, black, burgundy and red as main colours, along with metallic details that accentuate the luxurious feeling of the collection. The prints play a very important part of each piece, they represent the essence of the inspiration, translating on the gown the exotic uniqueness of   a millenary culture. 


I thought the collection had a very positive feeling to it, the usage of red assures me so. There was a sense of familiarity about the show, that makes the collection just right.

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