Sunday 19 February 2012

Game of Contrasts


As technology evolves into a natural interaction experience for the user thru touch and gestures, fashion is exploring a similar route. I like to think about it as an experience for the senses, a unique combination that intends to provide to the consumer a journey to remember.


Mulberry incorporated that principle on their latest collection. A game of contrasts, proportions, textures and colour was the show's main experience. Fur, leather, knit and satin were rhythmically brought together to entertain the touch. Bright orange, yellow mustard, blue and black were the components that your eye attention. All together these characteristics made the runway a very exciting experience, which will be carried on by the lucky costumers. The ladies in the front row seemed to enjoy it very much.


The idea of protection is still concerning some designers, Emma Hill is no exception. The heavy coats and construction of layers truly evoke the cocoon's protection. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase outwear. 


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