Tuesday 21 February 2012

The One and Only Mary Katrantzou

The skills were displayed today by Mary Katrantzou, she has managed to create us a universe. Her print work is exquisit; the choices of bright colours and silhouette made the collection even more desirable. It was the perfect start for the day.

Mary Katrantzou has consolidated herself as the artist of conversion, transforming daily graphics into print extravaganza. The graphics inspiration is taken from every day items; a typewrite, pencils, luggage tassels, yet those items have come to grow as classics of the contemporary art.

The silhouette was innovative, composed of Elizabethan corsetry, lamp dresses with a touch Poiret's 1920 and victorian dresses. The verticality of the skirts and fluff from the ruffles helped bringing out the visual effects on the runway. The fabrics were flowy and lustrous as the same time.

The colour palette was bold and bright, I fell in love with the metallics and the yellows. The black was reserved for the finale, not monochromatic at all. I loved this collection, there was a great atmosphere at the Somerset House after the show ended.

I would like to compliment Ricky Lee Jones and Anthony Turner on the brilliant hair styles. Ricky Lee Jones is the co-founder and Master Stylst of Jones & Payne in Shoreditch; a salon to fall in love with,  take it from a proud costumer. 

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