Monday 29 April 2013

Sync with Nature

I must confess one thing,  I've cheating on my blog with my sewing machine. I just couldn't help it, I haven't sew for so long, that inspiration hit me like a tsunami when I finally sat down to it. I'll tell you more about my new project soon enough, as I am putting together a small collection for the ladies (I've forgotten how much fun one can have creating clothes from scratch). Now to the real deal of this post, lately I have been seriously obsessing over the IFLS Facebook page; it has become the theme of our morning chats along breakfast in our household. Not only it is leaded by a lady of science, how cool is that, but also has the wittiest humor. I invite you to give it a like, you'll learn loads and have more that one chuckle.

It is relevant to mention why I am referring to IFLS, today she posted the image of this amazing creature, the Pistol Shrimp. If you are an admirer of the outstanding life forms that habit this planet, then I think you might find this as blissful as me. This little fellow happens to be the noisiest creature in the ocean, the noise they create when reunited in colonies, can interfere even sonars. All this powerful vibrations are thanks to a mighty claw they posses, achieving elevated decibel levels when shaken. Not only that they have almost super-hero like qualities, but also look incredible; an inner shell of teal is covered by an outer sheer body. An animal with dimension and depth, sporting one of the most amazing bodies in nature.


I have always been a keen researcher of certain topics, and when it comes to certain aspects of fashion; I cannot seem to overcome my recurrent love of nature. When I began researching about the PVC trend, I thought for a moment I was drifting from my theory; nature gives us an extraordinary palette of infinite combinations as well as an exquisit reference library. Colour combination, textures, finishes, you name it, nature's got it. That is why the Pistol Shrimp seemed so relevant today, it's sheer composition makes it the ideal referent for the PVC trend, in my eye, it reunites all the marks to be hit when doing the transparent look plus a bit of colour. As I once said before, when you are in doubt about sporting a certain look; consult your nearest biology book. You can/will never go wrong when following nature's lead. 

You can never go wrong in a pair on Givenchy shoes either, or a Chanel bag. Check out the latest selection on PVC accessories to sport this spring, louder than the Pistol Shrimp...

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