Tuesday 2 April 2013

Saint Laurent's New Approach

Leading man Hedi Slimane had decided to turn the tables around the french house Saint Laurent, as part of a massive  rejuvenation plan that the brand has been involved in for quite some time now. It began with a change of name (from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent), along a nice side dish of controversy. To be followed by two of the most controversial faces in Rock n Roll; Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love, are the new faces of Saint Laurent. I must confess I quite like the two of them as musicians, and I feel very intrigued about this new move Hedi has made; making so many people uncomfortable, like selfish children that don't want to share their precious toys, they claim her attitude will bring the house down. Anyway to me it felt refreshing and unpredictable, like a kick in the face to those who claim fashion is reseved only to some of certain circles. You go Hedi!


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