Saturday 9 February 2013

Decoding the Un-Known

Some things to me are mysteries, like how the fashion industry insists on holding on to the good old known, like a life safer in the middle of an Atlantic storm. The numbers don't lie (check out Burberry's latest news), they remain stuck in time and retrograde ideas, it feeds a world that can only be sustained thanks to the perpetual work of other worlds. Constant motion of wheels of a machine that begins to rust and decay, entropy; an undeniable truth. I am not interested in solving this mistery, I believe somehow it will end up swallowing me whole into the abysm; the abysm of boredom and tradition, where innovation is perceived as a rebellious teenager that needs correction.   

Sirens of Chrome AW  13/14

But I have always been a rebel, the bug bit me long ago, unsettling my spirit and my mind; giving me wings to fly away into the unknown. In my journey to find new aesthetics, I have come across some amazing talent; revolutionaries like me. This is how I came to know Anne Sofie Madsen, although we haven't physically met, which is my master plan for a near future; her vision of fashion is breath of fresh air, a glimpse into the future of fashion and very much it's present as well. Copenhagen Fashion Week has been relented to a secondary stage, in the shadow of major fashion capitals, CFW grows and moves at a steady pace. 
Cherrilee SS 13
Born, raised and graduated in Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen has sculptured her career in fashion along some of the most prolific designers of our time; trained by John Galliano himself, continuing in London to polish her skills in Alexander McQueen as a Junior Designer. The best can only result in the best, she has created a vision of her own; unique creations developed under the highest of standards. Constant experimentation is key to innovation, is pretty much like the scientific method, test and error to achieve the ideal result. 
"As the theme for Anne Sofie Madsen’s collections change, the vision stays the same: A wish to show the well-known through the un-known and to use traditional handcraft methods and couture techniques within ready-to-wear."
Sedna AW 12/13
The unknown seems promising, a infinite source of inspiration; where the platform to evolve happens to be the known. I was surprised to learn that Madsen has only presented two runway shows as a solo designer, that her brand is so relatively new to the industry. Somehow I perceived wisdom in her work, longevity in her technique and the vision of a true futurist; time and space seem relative to her vision.

Anne Sofie Madsen's Illustrations
Once again I feel optimistic about the future of fashion, the way the old gets reinterpret into the new; the cycle begins again, death and life of ideals, aesthetics and conceptions. With no further words to be written from my end, I leave you to admire her world, her undeniable talent and surely you'll end up craving her pieces as much as I do. 

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