Monday 12 November 2012

David Koma - Fast forward into the Future

Being my favourite designer, I had to create a special post David Koma an his amazing creations. His vision for S/S '13, reinterpret the tennis dress. In David Koma's context this will be the equivalent to a worm hole journey, or least I like to think it so, time travel that is. David Koma's futuristic approach is visionary, he is not afraid of experimentation. While some designers choose to move in a comfort zone, created by their own niche, he manages to transform fashion into the 21st century. I must say it was one the best shows at London Fashion Week, full of energy and lots of personalities of fashion. He is causing an impression on fashion and moving at a steady solid pace. Although his vision is ahead of the norm, in terms of shape and line; he remains very much present with his use of trends, with an outstanding work of panelling and cut-outs. His technique embraces te very best of technology, creating the unique world that is David Koma. Could be at the presence of another influential figure of the Third Industrial Revolution? 

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