Monday 24 September 2012

Tata Naka-London Fashion Week

After a smoothie greeting,  I went to find myself a spot close to the pool. The party had begun, a dynamic composition, created organically by the stylists around the pool. The models portrayed the flirt of a 60's sex kitten, they sported enlarged bouffants and Bambi eye mascara. Everything look well together, the first set of pastels brought out the lighter side of the collection. As it the presentation progressed, the palette became bolder and the silhouette transformed into more simpler lines, the prints matched the sun chairs that surrounded the pool. The second set of collection had a tropical flavour to it, bold green and red in mate textures, very clean. I have to say that I loved the shoes, specially the embroided yellowish loafers; the strappy low heel sandals had great texture, the colour choice was beautiful. I liked how the dressed revealed certain lines of the body, mesh panels or cut outs revealed the body's own silhouette; huge trend for spring by the way! The soundtrack certainly added a nostalgic feeling to the presentation, as an ode to the duo's inspiration with the 60's. To the Surguladze twin's, the palette for night looks goes in black, pink, ivory and canary yellow. Lustrous textures provided a polished refinement, adorned with heavy embroidery, a sophisticated transition into the night. I would like to thank Charlotte for the invite!

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