Tuesday 10 July 2012


So, I am reviewing my notes from the exhibition, touring myself mentally thru the Fashion and Textile Museum gallery. I think I'm ready, also very excited to be a part of it again. In case you haven't heard, the Fashion and Textile Museum had opened their doors once again, hosting the POP! Design Culture Fashion Exhibition. This time I got a little bit more involved in the process, I had to great pleasure to un pack part of the collection. Talk about treasure hunting, that Indiana Jones moment we had as kids.  

I suggest you mark it as part of your summer activities schedule; yes I am being optimistic over summer, the sun is shyly peeking thru the balcony, it must be a sign. Back to the exhibition, the collection is quite unique, I manage to pick some items as my favourites already. From an Elton John vest from the psychedelia to a pair of rubber ankle Mary Quant's boots. I invite you to discover it for yourself, the tour is free on Wednesdays so you know. If you declare yourself a fan of the product design and it's development thru our history, as musch as a fan of the beautiful things in life, this is the place to be.

Last Thursday, I was invite to attend the private viewing, Andrew Logan got to perform live thru the crowd. I particularly loved the music selection for the pieces that paraded on the show. My favourite was the birds, encrusted and embellished to die for. Zandra Rhodes took her spot in the carnival as well, it was fun and served as an ice breaker between the attendants and the collection. There was a nice atmosphere inside the museum; the shop was full,  there are some pretty cool stuff in there. The event served as inspiration to set the mood for what's to come as tour guide.

So if you happen to be around, pop in. 


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