Thursday 3 May 2012

Louboutin's spectacle

I decided today to go and paid tribute to the 20th anniversary celebration of the artificier, the one and only, Christian Louboutin. My day was filled with excitement, I couldn't help to embrace the intoxicating feeling of the seductive allure of red soles and killer heels. The Design Museum in London has put together the must fascinating exhibition of Louboutin's two decades of work; the exhibition I labeled as unmissable. I was excited to climb stairs for the first time in my life, the shoe mobiles where the perfect introduction to what was to comes inside.

My fascination with inspiration was triggered by the phrases on the walls and the display of gorgeous shoes everywhere you looked, my favourite definitely was, "There is always something to see including in places where you don't expect to find anything... I try to look where others don't". I got the chance to experience Louboutin's philosophy of design, which is really the philosophy of a man who loves beautiful things about life and plans to enjoy it fully. The exhibition derives from the book where Cristian Louboutin's friends pay homage to some of his creations.

The exhibition is exquisit, brings out elements from the cabaret stage into the display context. The carrousels where to die for, the perfect way to describe it would be a mix of beauty and erotism. I believe that every woman in the room felt the power of sex and sensuality that the shoes emulate. To top it all off, the hologram of the fabulous Dita Von Teese performing a striptease. The shoes carefully placed on it's very own spotlight, as if they were little altar to contemplate and wish for a pair perhaps.
One of my favourite sections of the exhibition was the Atelier, it was an inspirational and emotive moment; specially when I got to see the exclusive pair he designed for Ms Piggy, absolutely brilliant pair of sparkly heels. The fetish portion was beautifully arranged, the way the shoes where shown in those transparent bells; a very clinical approach I thought, we all felt drawn to look inside as I noticed. The way he represents nudity thru the use of transparency is so chic; shape, silhouette and line define each and every shoe that has the Louboutin signature.

Everything about this exhibition was sexy and flamboyant, it is an ample collection, I was quite impress to see a lot of my favourite pairs ad some new additions to the list. My experience today can only be expressed as an erotic fantasy come true; who wouldn't love to be in a room full of Loubi's?

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